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High Performance Buildings

GCG has demonstrated strategic project management experience working with building owners, developers, and design teams. Our team engages with the project team early in the design process to establish the owner’s performance goals for the project. Focusing on the needs of a building’s end-users and owner requirements is critical to the design process. We manage the certification of projects and work with the whole project team through construction. Our team serves on the LEED Advisory Committee, LEED for Schools Advisory Committee, is WELL Faculty and contributes as a technical advisor to the Collaborative for High Performance Schools.


Our team brings a breadth of experience managing projects ranging in geographic location and building type such as large public assembly buildings, airports, labs, aquariums, multifamily residential, commercial office buildings, retail, higher education facilities, civic buildings, industrial warehouses, K-12 schools, hospitality, and healthcare. GCG is a leader in the green building certification field.

GCG has demonstrated experience with green building rating systems such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, WELL Building Standard, SITES, Parksmart, TRUE, the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes certification program, EPA’s ENERGY STAR, NGBS, and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS).

Green Building Rating Systems:

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ESG Strategy & Reporting Services

The Greenwood Consulting Group, LLC (GCG) can help your organization or institution establish performance goals and conduct strategy development for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities. Through a collaborative process, we will develop a roadmap that meets your ESG and emissions reduction targets through tangible actions that make sense for your organization. We will conduct an ESG Strategy, sustainability assessment and strategic plan. Reducing energy and carbon emissions, assessing water performance, materials, climate resilience, health and wellness are all part of the “E” in ESG strategies. Cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion while supporting stakeholder engagement and community responsibility for the societal benefit are part of the “S” in ESG strategies. Transparency in ethical behaviors, stakeholder rights, climate risk, and accountability of public commitments attribute to the “G” in ESG strategies. Our team is committed to supporting your organization in establishing, integrating and implementing best practices to optimize your ESG commitments.



The Greenwood Consulting Group (GCG) can help your company develop strategic sustainable business solutions or initiatives that are designed to meet the needs of your organization long-term with tangible milestones, such as:

  • Policy for procurement of office supplies, furniture, catering or nutrition needs, and healthy building standards.

  • Tenant improvement guidelines that optimize energy efficiency, reduced waste, improve indoor occupant health and wellbeing.

  • Green housekeeping practices that uses eco-friendly cleaning products, equipment and methodologies that result in positive tenant feedback.

  • GCG can review your product and generate marketing materials that support compliance with the LEED™ or CHPS Rating systems.

  • Evaluate occupant satisfaction with regard to thermal and acoustic comfort as well as other criteria.

  • Benchmark energy usage of a property to inform decisions around building operations while also pursuing an ENERGY STAR® rating.

  • Assess greenhouse gas emissions associated with operations and generate roadmap to reduce these emissions.

  • Let GCG develop a corporate social responsibility plan customized for your organization.

Sustainable Strategic Planning Process:

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