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USGBC and IWBI Announce Streamlined Certification Pathway for LEED + WELL

Grand Place at Kansas City Star in Kansas City, MO is seeking LEED and WELL Certification. Photo courtesy of 3D Development/ Pixel Foundry

USGBC and IWBI have just released a streamlined certification pathway for projects pursuing both LEED and WELL certifications concurrently! Our team is very excited to put this pathway into play to the benefit of our clients. Building owners and their project teams are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of adopting strategies found in both the LEED rating system and WELL Building Standard for a comprehensive approach to positive outcomes across the built environment.

Our clients with Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting aspirations particularly reap benefit from pursuing both rating systems. While LEED focuses on energy, water efficiency, and site considerations with a handful of credits focused on indoor environmental quality, the WELL Building Standard comprises best practices for promoting the health and well-being of the building occupant. Pursuing both certifications eases reporting on all three ESG topics.

A LEED & WELL Crosswalk document has been around for years mapping specific LEED credits to their counterparts in the WELL Building Standard and vice versa allowing for a project to achieve the credit in both rating systems by documenting it only once. The LEED + WELL Crosswalk document has been updated for this release. To increase efficiency and streamline the certification process, projects pursuing both certifications will undergo coordinated, simultaneous reviews.

New tools and resources for project teams pursuing this pathway have been published including:

  1. LEED & WELL submittal forms to help teams identify and communicate to reviewers which compliance paths are being utilized.

  2. LEED & WELL Streamlined Certification Process Guidebook outlining the process, requirements, and tools available to project teams.

The streamlined certification pathway is available to projects pursuing WELL v2 and LEED BD+C or ID+C v4 or v4.1.

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