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New Health-Safety Rating Helps Create Confidence That It’s Safe to Return

As more people are planning to return to the office and attend special events, folks are already wondering, “what measures have been taken to ensure my health and safety?” The WELL Health-Safety Seal signifies to employees and other building visitors that they can feel confident knowing the space they are entering is putting their health first.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating (HSR), developed in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, offers building owners, employers, and other stakeholders concrete guidance for how to create a safer indoor environment with fewer risks of disease or infection.

HSR offers a fully customizable checklist of features focused on implementation of facilities management and maintenance protocols designed to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission and other health emergencies. 15 of 21 features in the following categories must be achieved to earn the seal:

Costs for Certification: The fee to enroll in the program is $4,200 with a discounted fee of $2,730 for small businesses. Buildings with multiple locations in their building portfolio pay from $17 to $2,500 per building, depending on the size of the enrollment. Greenwood Consulting Group (GCG) is offering a discounted rate to manage the process. Contact us to learn more.

Trusted Team: GCG is uniquely qualified to support businesses in pursuing the WELL HSR Seal. Our team brings over 16 years of experience managing building certifications and we have WELL Accredited Professionals and WELL Faculty on staff. Our team is a leader in this area and works on different building types for projects located in all geographic locations.

To date there are over 20,950 projects enrolled in HSR and 13,340 assets have already received the Health-Safety Seal.

To learn more, check out this 90-second video. GCG is a resource to you to answer any questions. Reach out to to get started with HSR for your building!

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